Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hillary, the Pope, and me

I haven't blogged since before I broke my wrist in Shanghai on July 25. I was walking in a semi-construction area (which actually describes half the city--there are cranes everywhere), and tripped and fell, putting my left hand out to brace the fall (the medical term for this is FOOSH--fall on outstretched hand). In doing so, I joined thousands of people of boomers (Hillary) and elderly (the Pope) who have broken a wrist or elbow in a similar fall. It was an unstable break, and, nearly three weeks later, I still don't know if I will need surgery. I have learned how to do a lot with only one hand---it's amazing the things you can do with a knee, elbow, or chin. I can type nearly as fast now with one hand as with two.

Meantime, I came back to Detroit to get it looked after, in case it displaced again and required surgery (plates and screws). The doctor in Shanghai did a pretty good job of setting it, but people were amazed to see an old-fashioned plaster cast. Last week the doctor here changed the cast to fiberglass, and it felt like a real load had been taken off---plaster is HEAVY.

I spent some time at the office here, and got to meet some of the people I had mainly known through email and phone conversations. Enjoyed seeing all the cars cruising around in anticipation of the dream cruise, which was this weekend. Tomorrow I see the doctor again, and hoping I will be cleared to travel back to China.