Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Beginnings

Happy New Year!

This is the scene outside our bedroom window in New Hampshire. It snowed heavily on December 31 and again yesterday, but within a few hours the roads were dry and our driveway plowed. We didn't even realize it was snowing until we started hearing a strange noise overhead in the middle of the night--it was the snow falling off the steeply slanted roof to the ground below.

I haven't seen snow drifts like this since I was a kid, and I got a chance to shovel the walk for the first time in a number of years--only to find out that the city does it, because we are on a street near a school. Oh well, I needed the exercise, anyway.

Now it is January 2 and soon we will be on our way to Florida, stopping in North Carolina on the way. It's fun to reconnect with the U.S., a country I haven't really spent much time in for nearly three years.

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