Thursday, April 3, 2008

Easing back into the saddle....

This week I formally started the process of looking for another job, gig, or whatever it turns out to former employer contracts with an outplacement firm, to assist people like me to figure out next steps---success in this program is called "landing." Feels a little bit like a trip to the moon, but I've strapped in my seatbelt for the ride.

The first step was just going through the process and getting a big binder full of exercises and "stuff." I have a lot of homework, including taking several assessment tests (you know, the ones with questions like, "I am fascinated by fire" or "I am afraid of deep water" or giving you a choice between being a fish and game warden or a clerk in an office--that kind of stuff). There are a lot of other questions about things I did in my career, as well as documenting accomplishments--these are used to help construct a resume and prepare for interviews. I finished the assessments and am now working on the harder stuff--it makes my brain hurt to think about what I did twenty years ago!

I am meeting with the consultant again next week to debrief all this homework. Until then, I'm also very busy preparing for Passover. Spring has finally come--it was almost 60 degrees F today--a regular warm spell!

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