Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Treo Unlocked--Caveat Emptor

I don't usually write product reviews, but in the case of the Palm Treo Pro Cell phone (unlocked) I have to make an exception.  This is a phone that was given to me in the States so that I could put a China (and India) SIM card in it and use the phone in Korea.  It is also loaded with Windows apps, which I've yet to use other than to download an occasional attachment (and if the attachment has a password, you're out of luck).  As I've twittered off and on, this is the lousiest cell phone I've ever had ---and I've had Nokia, Motorola, Blackberry, and probably a few others. 

The worst thing about this phone is that it has a mind of its own.  It does what it wants to do (sometimes on a whim) rather than what I want it to do.  Let me count the ways:

  • The back of the case is very hard to get off.  Once you figure it out, it's okay, but even now I occasionally have trouble getting it off to get the battery out. 
  • The phone does not ring when you get an incoming international call.  Have tried every setting possible on the sound selection, and all it does is make a notification sound.  The only time it works is when I also set email to "ring"  like a phone call.  While there is probably a way around this, it sure shouldn't be this difficult.  
  • The battery wears down very quickly.  I have done all the energy saving things I can think of (such as turn off Wi Fi and Bluetooth), and it still doesn't hold a candle to the Nokia I had, which sometimes carried a charge for up to four days (and I was using it a lot), or even the Blackberry.  Palm seems to recognize this shortcoming because they give you a second battery.  But then the cover is hard to get off, so a pain.  
  • The backlight function goes down to almost black.  I made the mistake of turning it all the way down one time, and could only barely figure out how to get it back to a more reasonable setting. 
  • It does not have a function to tell you missed or received calls that you can pull up separately.  ( I know this is a phone function and not a SIM function because when I put the SIM card in my Nokia, it had these features. )
  • It is too easy to accidentally hit a number/contact and have the number dial on you---and impossible to stop in progress.  Once I called Marty at 1:00 a.m. when this happened.
  • The phone is hard to turn off.  You have to hit the button "just right" or it doesn't work. 
  • You have to lock the phone in order to ensure that it doesn't dial numbers, send SMS, or do other mischievous things on its own.   
  • The keyboard is not as user friendly as either Nokia (the best) or Blackberry. 
  • When you enter a new contact's phone info, you have to use two thumbs to enter the number because the entry line does not default to numerical values, but to letters.  This is a real pain when you are trying to enter a number on the go.  
  • The clock sometimes (not always) changes to the time of your last meeting.  Two or three times the clock has become "stuck" and I've had to reset it.
Almost every week, I discover something new that I don't like about this phone.   Glad it isn't one I purchased myself. 

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Daniel Moser said...

Yes you are correct about the trio it does have it great features I thought that I was the only one having these issues with my phone.. the dialing is the worst one like that commercial on tv where the women says look it's your but calling me again.